Draped In The Back

I’ve heard some people discussing the longevity of the hi/low hemline recently and as a fashion consultant I think this trend will last in tops only!  The hi/low top can be worn by everyone, every size, and every shape.  It provides coverage where needed and feels fresh and fun.  I especially love these tops in styles like the one I’m wearing below.  It adds a bit more interest when leaving instead of arriving.  🙂


What I’m Wearing:  Top from Beyond the Rack, boots from Dillards, Jeans from Express, Necklace from http://www.panache-salon.com.

Do you think the hi/low hem will last?



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Ruffled Hem

This top is a new purchase for me.  I saw it on shopruche.com and knew I wanted it immediately.  It not only looks comfy, but I also knew that I would be able to wear it in so many different ways.  Today, though, I chose to wear it simply.


What I’m Wearing: top from shopruche.com, jeans from indicustom.com, boots from DSW, necklace from www.panache-salon.com.

This top would also look great with my black and white polka dot skinnies and maybe a pop of an unexpected color, like orchid, the Pantone color of the year!

What would you wear this top with?



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Inspired by Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place for inspiration of all kinds – home, diy, business, and especially fashion!  I have a board dedicated especially for “Outfits I Love”!  Please feel free to follow my board HERE.

I pretty much had all of the items in this inspiration photo so I copied it exactly, however, I usually take a piece of inspiration from each outfit (maybe a color or a style of top) and create a totally different outfit from there.

Here was my inspiration!

Riding Boots & Lace <3

And here is my outfit!


Burnie decided he needed to be in this picture!  If you aren’t familiar with Burnie, he is a kitty I rescued and rehabilitated after some little teenage buttholes set him on fire and left him to burn to death.  Luckily a good Samaritan found him and contacted my organization about helping him out.  I didn’t hesitate to “foster” him, but couldn’t let him go when the opportunity arose.  Now he is one of our shop cats and he gets to laze around indoors and have all the attention he deserves.


What I’m Wearing:  Top from ruche.com, jeans from Express, boots from DSW, lace boot socks from jane.com, and necklace from www.panache-salon.com.

Do you have an outfit pinboard?  If so, please share so I can follow you!!




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No More Blonde…

I have been blonde for most of my adult life. My natural color is a muddy brown that got darker as I got older, but I loved being blonde. Nevertheless, I took a leap of faith and changed it this time. It wasn’t actually intentional, but a welcome change. I am positive I will slowly get blonder and blonder until I am the platinum blonde I want to be, but until then I am going to enjoy the slight red tint I have for now. What do you think?

Polka dots are such a fun print and you can never go wrong with a khaki and black combo! I chose to go sort of minimalistic with a bolder necklace, but this top would also look great with a colored denim jean or with a fun accent color thrown in by way of accessories.


What I’m Wearing:  Top from nastygal.com, Express skinnies, Boots from Dillard’s, and shell necklace from www.panache-salon.com.  (You can shop there, too!)

Do you change your hair color a lot?  What do you always go back to?



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Kitty Cardi

I probably have never mentioned this to you guys, but I am totally in love with kitties!  I have always had a special connection and place in my heart for kitties and, really, all animal beings, so when I saw this cardigan I just had to have it!  And look, it’s brown and I’m wearing black!  Oh the horror!

Seriously, though, mixing neutrals isn’t a fashion faux pas, in fact, it’s a fashion must!!  Don’t be afraid to mix black with navy either!!  Express yourself and have fun.



This cardigan is from modcloth.com.  Top from JCPenney, pants from Dillard’s, Boots from DSW, and Necklace from Panache-salon.com

Are you afraid to mix black and brown?

I love comments!  Thanks for stopping by!

Erin Love

P.S. – If you want tips on fashion, organizing, beauty, and etiquette check out my other blog!  www.panachebyerin.wordpress.com

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Vegan Leather and Hot Pink Lips

If you are interested in trying out leather pants, try vegan leather!  Not only is it much cheaper than genuine leather, but you will also be saving the life of an animal!  The same goes for fur.  Choose the humane route by buying faux fur instead of real.  Fabric has come such a long way that, if high quality vegan material is used, you can’t even tell it’s not real!


What I’m Wearing:  Old Navy blouse, vegan leather from JCPenney, Necklace from QVC, boots from Dillards.  I can’t remember where I purchased this cardigan.

So, are you a genuine leather or faux leather gal?



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Touch of Turq!

Sometimes an outfit just needs a little color, especially amongst all neutrals.   For this outfit I chose turquoise as my color pop, although EVERY other color would look good, too!

Hope you are enjoying your New Year!!


What I’m Wearing:  Top from Piperlime.com (last year), Cardigan from White House/Black Market, Bottoms from JCPenney, Boots from DSW, Necklace from http://www.panache-salon.com

So, what color would you have added for a pop?



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