Horizontal Stripes and Blonde is Back!

OH MY!  It is good to be back blonde again!  Although, the reddish brown was a nice departure from being blonde for most of my life, it just never really felt like ME!  This feels better.  Whew!

Horizontal stripes aren’t as scary as you may think…if you know how to wear them!  My advice is to wear them only where you’d like attention drawn to.  For instance, these horizontal stripes probably wouldn’t look as good on a pair of pants!  As you know, horizontal stripes widen whatever they are on, so you need to contradict that by making the rest of your outfit long and lean!


What I’m Wearing:  Top from Beyond the Rack, Cardigan from Jane, Express jeans, Boots from DSW

Are you afraid of horizontal stripes?



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2 Responses to Horizontal Stripes and Blonde is Back!

  1. dapperdolly says:

    I totally know what you mean, was Mahogany at 13, Auburn at 14 and Blonde at 15 and even though I put colour rinses in my hair now and then I just don’t look/feel like me in the mirror unless I’m Blonde. It’s like I’m looking at another body lol.

    You look great and obviously feeling great adds an extra radiance, love the different textures and girl – the jewelery is fab!

  2. Thank you so much for this comment dapperdolly!! I really appreciate it!!

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