Inspired by Pinterest

Pinterest is a great place for inspiration of all kinds – home, diy, business, and especially fashion!  I have a board dedicated especially for “Outfits I Love”!  Please feel free to follow my board HERE.

I pretty much had all of the items in this inspiration photo so I copied it exactly, however, I usually take a piece of inspiration from each outfit (maybe a color or a style of top) and create a totally different outfit from there.

Here was my inspiration!

Riding Boots & Lace <3

And here is my outfit!


Burnie decided he needed to be in this picture!  If you aren’t familiar with Burnie, he is a kitty I rescued and rehabilitated after some little teenage buttholes set him on fire and left him to burn to death.  Luckily a good Samaritan found him and contacted my organization about helping him out.  I didn’t hesitate to “foster” him, but couldn’t let him go when the opportunity arose.  Now he is one of our shop cats and he gets to laze around indoors and have all the attention he deserves.


What I’m Wearing:  Top from, jeans from Express, boots from DSW, lace boot socks from, and necklace from

Do you have an outfit pinboard?  If so, please share so I can follow you!!




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6 Responses to Inspired by Pinterest

  1. I love that outfit! Pinterest has the best, most inspiring stuff. Follow me!!

  2. Paper Doll Pretty says:

    Nice re-creation!

  3. Amanda says:

    Very cute outfit 🙂

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