Vegan Leather and Hot Pink Lips

If you are interested in trying out leather pants, try vegan leather!  Not only is it much cheaper than genuine leather, but you will also be saving the life of an animal!  The same goes for fur.  Choose the humane route by buying faux fur instead of real.  Fabric has come such a long way that, if high quality vegan material is used, you can’t even tell it’s not real!


What I’m Wearing:  Old Navy blouse, vegan leather from JCPenney, Necklace from QVC, boots from Dillards.  I can’t remember where I purchased this cardigan.

So, are you a genuine leather or faux leather gal?



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1 Response to Vegan Leather and Hot Pink Lips

  1. dapperdolly says:

    Very chic and smart indeed! I’m vegan so no leather but I try to stay away from pvc/vinyl as they’re not environmentally friendly but modern fabrics have come a long way so need to check out these new pleathers.

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