Cold Shoulder, Black and Blue

I am so surprised that I was able to pull myself together enough to get this pic today. I’m trying to make the effort to post an outfit at least once a week. Eli requires most of my time right now, so I’m trying to enjoy it while he’s still in his newborn phase (although I will be happy to get more than 3 solid hours of sleep at a time. Last night was one of the worst nights so far…I really think the whole week of interrupted sleep catches up with me by Friday.)

Anyway, today I am wearing a “cold shoulder” cardigan. blue flowy top, and boyfriend jeans. Not only is this outfit comfortable, the cold-shoulder cardi makes it more fun and stylish, in my opinion. And, of course, I don’t live by the “black and blue don’t mix” rule and neither should you!

IMAG0160 (2)

IMAG0157 (2)

What I’m Wearing:


Top: Old Navy

Jeans: Indi Denim –

Shoes: (these are from last year)

Necklace: Panache Salon and Boutique (

I know I’ve asked before, but is the black and blue rule one you follow or break?

Thanks for stopping by!


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