Pink Bubbles

I finally decided to hop on the “bubble” necklace bandwagon!  I was eyeing the look for a while because I really like statement making jewelry!  J. Crew is the company that sells the most popular style bubble necklace, but I didn’t particularly want to spend that much so I went to my old faithful,, and searched “bubble necklace” until I found one I liked!  And it was only $15.00 compared to the $120.00 one from J. Crew!

What I’m Wearing:

Top: QVC

Bottoms: Loft

Shoes: Dillard’s


Thank you so much for checking out my outfit!!  I hope some of my outfits inspire you to create something new out of your own closet.  🙂




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1 Response to Pink Bubbles

  1. prettyfrenemy says:

    Love the color of your top 🙂

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