Bright on Bright?

Yesterday I mixed a pastel lavender with a bright coral, so today I’m trying bright on bright!  Playing with color is so much fun and adds interest to any outfit.

What I’m Wearing:

Top:  Banana Republic

Cardi:  Urban Outfitters

Jeans:  Express


Necklace:  I told you I’m into handmade this week.  I’m not quite sure why this week every necklace is from this shop…but so be it!  LOL!

So, do you like the bright on bright look?  If so, what other colors do you like to mix and match with?

Have fun with your outfits and think outside of the box some.  You’ll come up with something great, I’m sure.



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2 Responses to Bright on Bright?

  1. That totally works for you. I also like bright with white. So summery

    Courtney (your newest follower)

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