All Buttoned Up

I feel like I’ve been wearing skinny jeans almost everyday so I wanted to change things up a bit today.  Rarely do I suggest that anyone purchase more than one of the same item of clothing, no matter if it’s a different color or not, but jeans are different!  You can totally buy more than one of the same style of jeans!  I did it with these Seven For All Mankind “Ginger” jeans.  I love them!  I have this darker pair, below, and a lighter pair.  I may see if I can find yet another color of them soon, too!  LOL!

I’d also like to point out this awesome belt I’m wearing!  It’s covered in buttons!!  So cool!  🙂

What I’m Wearing:

Top:  Dillard’s

Jeans:  Seven for all Mankind

Shoes:  Guess (these shoes actually hurt my feet today!  I don’t understand it!  I can wear “hooker” boots all day but when I wear a wedge heel that’s lower than usual, my feet hurt almost immediately!  Dang!)

Necklace:  Panache Boutique

Belt:  Signature’s (a local boutique)

Do you have more than one of a certain style item of clothing?



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