No Fair!

That’s what I said but I still got suckered into going to the fair by my husband!  Ugh!  Our little po-dunk fair is pretty boring, but I did come away with a few small stuffed animals…and some sore feet.  Why oh why did I wear heels to the fair?  Because that’s how I roll!  LOL!



What I’m wearing:

Top:  From a boutique in Baton Rouge

Cami:  Victoria’s Secret

Jeans:  From the Buckle AGES ago!  LOL! 

Shoes:  DSW

Necklace:  Mark for Avon

So do you think I’m dumb for wearing heels to the fair or do you think it’s ok to suffer for fashion? 



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6 Responses to No Fair!

  1. Amanda says:

    LMBO! Well, I (said with a lot of punctuation) feel that while fashion is very important, I go for comfort most of the time…My body tends to thank me later! you can be comfortable and still fashionable. But yet again, I’m not a professional image consultant so what do I know! LOL!!!! My Sperry’s were quite comfortable last night 🙂

  2. leslie says:

    No way! I stand in awe of women who can troop through anything in lovely heels, but it’s not for me. I am Merrell Mary Janes all the way!

  3. yancey says:

    It’s perfectly okay to suffer for fashion were you’re young, blond and cute. As for me…’s Keds baby!

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