I did the unthinkable today!  I actually wore statement making jewelry AND a sequined shirt and I did it during the daytime, no less!!  What was I thinking?  LOL!  That’s the fashion stylist coming out in me.  Remember my saying?  “The unexpected is what makes an outfit stylish.”



What I’m wearing:

Top:  Victoria’s Secret

Bottoms:  Seven for all Mankind

Necklace:  Local boutique, The Beehive

Bracelets:  An arm full of silver bangles



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1 Response to OH YES I DID!

  1. And you looked amazing. . .as always. You didn’t say where the little gray sequined cami came from! Yes, folks, she had sequins on her cami, sequins on her shirt, and a huge and beautiful silver cross. Did that cross really come from The Beehive? I have got to get to Ruston. I think I need some accessories.

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