New Subscriber = New Post

Thank you, Stacey!  You inspired me to continue posting in this blog.  I hope you and the other few subscribers like it!!


I love pink and red together!!  It’s just hard to find the right pinks and the right reds sometimes. Luckily, Mossimo found the perfect match for me with this strapless tunic.  🙂

What I’m wearing:

Top:  Mossimo for Target

Jeans:  Express skinny leg

Shoes:  Red patent pumps by Jessica Simpson

Accessories:  Red necklace from White House/Black Market, pink cuff – I have no clue!!  Red belt was my grandmothers so it’s vintage!  Yay!!!

Please tell me that you are happy I am back by commenting!!




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2 Responses to New Subscriber = New Post

  1. I am happy you are back! And this is a cute look–kind of country meets Sex in the City. Keep posting!

  2. Amanda says:

    Great outfit! You know I’m happy too that you are back with this blog. You know I love it! Sorry I couldn’t inspire you sooner! Thanks, Stacey, for inspiring her when the rest of us couldnt!!

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