Give Peace a Chance

Today has been a fairly decent day for me so far.  I started work earlier than usual and have gotten a lot done, thankfully!  But my ‘to do” list grows a little more every day.  Oh well…when I  wish for things to slow down and they do, I freak out!  LOL!  So I’m just going to live in the moment and do the best that I can do.   The little inspirational necklace I’m wearing today helps, too! 


What I’m Wearing:

Top:  Trendy Market (Boo!  They went out of business!)

Camisole:  Victoria’s Secret

Capris:  Express

Shoes:  Dillard’s

Necklace:  Avenue Shoes

Peace out!


About panachebyerin

Styling. Organizing. Planning.
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2 Responses to Give Peace a Chance

  1. leslie says:

    Cute- love the necklace!

  2. Amanda says:

    I have always loved that Peace necklace!
    Thought you said to wear 1 or 3…not two?

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