New jewels…

I must admit that I REALLY love jewelry!  In my opinion, it makes or breaks an outfit and it can dress an outfit up or dress it down.  Jewelry is fun and can show your personality, plus, jewelry, i.e. necklaces, can make you look taller and thinner!  Who could ask for more from a little silver and gold?  Not me!  So, without further ado…please check out my new jewels!!  I love my ring!!! 

What I’m wearing:

Top:  Victoria’s Secret

Vest:  HSN

Jeans:  Indi Denim

Shoes:  Victoria’s Secret

Jewels: The Froggie ring is from a cool online shop I found, oh and so is the studded bangle! (Check it out!)

So…have you bought any new jewelry lately?  Do you like my froggie ring?

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1 Response to New jewels…

  1. leslie says:

    I love that spiked bracelet, and your frog! My favorite jewelry lately is an agate stone necklace, and the a rosary style charm necklace that can also be used a wrap bracelet.

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