One of my faves…

I am in Colorado right now with my husband and great friends, Amanda and Ryan, and they are out skiing while I’m posting to this blog! LOL! I used to like snow skiing a lot but for some reason I’m not really into it this time. I have a bad feeling about it – like, I’m scared I’m going to get hurt or something. Have you ever felt like that? I’d really rather be laying on a beach or visiting a winery! That’s way more up my alley! Oh well!

I am working on my Ipad right now and don’t have any new pictures for you guys right now because I can’t quite figure out how to get them from my camera to this Ipad, so I hope you are ok with me posting one of my favorite outfits from a previous post. πŸ™‚

I love the shirt in this outfit because of the cool lace insets in the shoulder and the silky fabric. It’s very comfortable and can be worn in many different ways. For instance, if I tie the bow a little looser, add a jacket, and slip on some super skinny jeans, it’d look totally different!

I encourage you to always try new ways of wearing the favorite items in your closet. You will get way more bang for your buck and look extremely fashion forward at the same time. Add a belt to that favorite shirt, or through on a cardigan over it, or play with your jewelry! Layer lots of long necklaces and watch how it transforms a simple shirt! Have fun!

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2 Responses to One of my faves…

  1. Amanda says:

    Awwww!!! We hope you will join us on the slopes either Wednesday or thursday!!! I had fun….after lunch πŸ™‚
    I always live your outfits πŸ™‚

  2. leslie says:

    Wow- hope you guys have an awesome trip. It sounds wonderful!!

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