Is a New Hairstyle in Order?

I must say that I am getting a little fed up with my hair lately.  I want a new hairstyle, but nothing too drastic.  Not long ago, I went a tad darker with my base color, but I’m really thinking that I look better BLONDE.  What do you think? 

I am thinking of imitating Christina Aguilera’s bob from this Burlesque ad – color and all.  What do you think? 

I’m waiting for your advice!!  I’m excited! 

Anyway, let’s move on to my outfit of the day:

What I’m Wearing:

Top:  Victoria’s Secret blue sequined cami

Cardigan:  Forever 21

Bottoms:  Express denim leggings

Accessories:  Brighton necklace and bracelets

So…don’t forget to comment about my hair!!  Oh and leave me feedback about this outfit, too.  🙂

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10 Responses to Is a New Hairstyle in Order?

  1. Erin, You looked great tonight in this outfit. The long cross was really beautiful, and I liked that cardi/jacket. I think the blonder the better. Unless you’re ready to go red.

  2. Kayla says:

    I say go for it! You can totally pull it off!!

  3. Amanda says:

    I think you should go for a change…why not? If you don’t like it…it’s already short…and will grow back to your current length quickly.

  4. Mary Emmer says:

    Oh I think Christina A’s “do” with the color and everything would look fab! Go for it.

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