Sequins and Stripes

I am TRYING to stay on track with this blog!  I’m so sorry for those of you who check this blog out on a daily basis!  (BTW – THANK YOU!!)  With my other blog I started posting the entire week ahead of time so I wouldn’t run the risk of missing.  It’s a little more difficult to do that with a daily outfit post!  Ugh!!  But I promise I will be better.  Thanks again to all of my loyal readers.  You are the best! 

What I’m Wearing:

Top:  Forever 21

Jacket:  White House/Black Market

Jeans:  Juicy Couture

Shoes:  Victoria’s Secret

About panachebyerin

Styling. Organizing. Planning.
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2 Responses to Sequins and Stripes

  1. Amanda says:

    LOVE it! You know I love your outfits 🙂 I want one of those tops 🙂

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