Sequins for Daytime!

See!!  I practice what I preach!  It is perfectly ok to wear sequins during the daytime!  I chose some that were more subdued and that’s what makes it so versatile!  

I just HAD to let Bunny get in on the action!  Isn’t she beautiful?! 

What I’m wearing:

Top:  Ann Taylor Loft

Jacket:  Urban Outfitters

Jeans:  Juicy Couture


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1 Response to Sequins for Daytime!

  1. Amanda says:

    You are so stinking cute! LOVE this outfit. I really like that jacket! And, it’s funny that I noticed how lovely your smile was….then I look down and see the Bunny! I think it was Leslie who said that animals bring the most genuine smile out of us!

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