How low can I go?

If you know me…you know that I NEVER wear flats!  I LOVE heels!  They make me feel long and lean, unlike the way flats make me feel short and squaty.  However, I have decided to go a tad lower every now and then with my heels!  Proof below…

Believe me!!  These boots are LOW for me!!   Check some of my previous posts!  You’ll see! 

What I’m wearing:

Tops:  Cardigan that is very old!!  strapless tunic from Victoria’s Secret

Bottoms:  Jeggings from Arden B

Boots:  Dillard’s

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2 Responses to How low can I go?

  1. Amanda says:

    LOVE that tunic!!!! OMG!!!!! And, I like the low boots 🙂 You don’t look short and squaty at all!

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