All knotted up…

I actually didn’t wear this today!  I wore this last week!  I just didn’t have time to post it.  The sad news is that I tried to take a pic of the outfit I wore today and my battery went dead in my camera!  Pooh!  But have no fear…lol!  I am charging it as I speak- uh..type!  🙂 

Anyway, I love the necklace I wore on this day, hence the name of the post.  🙂  My advice…don’t be scared of larger jewelry!  You CAN pull it off! 

But first check out my favorite shoes!! 

What I’m wearing:

Top:  wide neck top from Urban Outfitters

Bottoms:  Express capris

Shoes: Victoria’s Secret

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1 Response to All knotted up…

  1. Mary Emmer says:

    What a fun top! I see stuff at Urban Outfitters every so often and never quite know what to put it with. I will look more closely there now.

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