Leather in the summer

RELAX!  I’m not really wearing leather!  Not only do I not wear leather anymore (I’m also vegetarian), but leather would be super duper HOT in the summer!  Instead, I am wearing a lighter version of leatherette.  (Note:  I think I just made that word up!)  Not sure…but all I know is it’s not real leather and it isn’t as hot as real leather either!  🙂 

What I’m wearing:

Tops:  Leatherette vest from the Buckle, top from Old Navy

Bottoms:  80’s inspired boyfriend capris from Loft

Shoes:  I can’t remember!  Sorry!

So is leatherette really a word?  Hmmm…

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2 Responses to Leather in the summer

  1. Amanda says:

    Love the outfit!! Sure, leatherette can be a word!!!! Why not?? oh, and when I wrote it out, it didn’t have the red underline for misspelled word!!!

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