Haute Hippie

Today’s outfit is sort of “hippie”, in my opinion.  I was sort of tired of wearing black so I went with more natural colors paired with denim today.  I hope you like! 

What I’m wearing:

Top:  Forever 21 tunic from a long time ago!  Oatmeal vest from forever ago, too!

Bottoms:  Express capris

Shoes:  Nordstroms

Necklace:  Old Navy

I had a bit of good news today!  I received the “pre-press” copies of the latest issue of my magazine!  I can’t wait to get it out to everyone!!  Check it out below.

So…tell me if you have any favorite magazines that I need to check out!!

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2 Responses to Haute Hippie

  1. Amanda says:

    I don’t know if “hippie” is the right description….maybe more warm and earthy? really cute outfit, nonetheless. I can’t piece things together. would never have thought to put the oatmeal colored vest over top the tunic! You look mad in the first pic. LOL!!

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