A burst of color!

I don’t always wear a lot of color but I loved this shirt so much I decided that Icould handle it…at least once!  🙂  What about you? Do you wear color a lot or are you a neutral kind of gal? 


What I”m wearing:

Top: Victoria’s Secret and I can’t remember where I got the black cardigan

Bottoms:  Seven for all Mankind

Jewelry:  lime green necklace from HSN and assorted bangles

About panachebyerin

Styling. Organizing. Planning.
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4 Responses to A burst of color!

  1. Amanda says:

    I love that shirt on you! Though I must admit that I’m not used to seeing you wear a lot of color! You are usually in neutral colors. I think the lime green color looks great on you.
    I personally wear a lot of color. I like most colors! Speaking of, I need to do the color palette with you!

  2. Chelsea Kelly says:

    Sooooo cute!!!!! 🙂 I want that shirt!

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